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Search Engine Optimization

Do you have a web site that struggles to get any visitors? Do you find yourself placed on search engines irrelevantly? Do you want more quality traffic?

If you find yourself answering yes to any of the above questions or you simply want to make sure your site is optimized to its full potential then you have come to the right place.

We have achieved high rankings on search engines with the majority of our web sites, the minority unfortunately, have had to settle for second.

We carry out research into the way search engines, such as Google, Yahoo (Inktomi Overture), Lycos/Hotbot and Metacrawler 'crawl' your site. With this we can determine what your web site needs to give it a high ranking and from this, more quality traffic - that is, visitors that want to be on your site!

You may have noticed that our own web sites score highly in all search engines, especially for the highly desirable terms of the web sites names. We would like to offer you the same treatment we give our own sites.

In the examples shown on this site we achieved a number 1 placement on Google for the term "camiguin island", for the web site www.camiguinisland.net and again for the term "Romulus Realtor" on Yahoo, for the web site www.mrg4homes.com. As for www.actiondetroit.com, we managed to obtain third position for the term "Detroit Metro Airport ". At the time of writing this, the position of this site in all search engines is improving on a monthly basis.

Why can't Detroit Metro Area Networks Online give me a quote until my keywords and/or phrases are chosen?

Optimization requires the site owner to consider key words and phrases related to their site that would also produce real tangible viewers. You don't wish for people searching for information on Bluebirds to find your site on Gorillas? But this is not the only factor to consider when deciding on your keywords and phrases. In crowded spaces, or keywords that would produce thousands if not millions of search results, its important to optimize towards a more precise and/or niche that would accurately describe your site and produce itself on more relevant searches.

eg: If you have a web site that is dedicated to "The Yellowtailed African Butterfly". The keyword "butterfly" requires much more intensive details in getting it placed high on the rankings. However cause there are much fewer sites that are going to be dedicated to The Yellowtailed African Butterfly than there will be that use butterfly themes, butterfly wording, butterfly branding or butterflies in general, optimization towards the key word "Yellowtailed" would be much better and produce much higher ranking results. Therefore a lot depends on the keywords you pick to optimize towards and the amount of time, effort and coding we expend to achieve your desired results.

So is keywords and phrases all that I would need to consider to get good placement in the search engines?

NO! Search engines only use the keyword and phrases for part of the results. Many other factors go into determining where your site will appear within the search results. Web sites are graded on criteria such as design, layout, coding used, linking, site navigation, content, relevancy within and corresponding links. Popular sites that are linked to by relevant outside sites are good. But they are damaging when coming from other sites that are non relevant. Just as having a bunch of links within your site leading to other places on the web that do not have relevancy to the page referring would surely lower your search engine ranking.

How long will the search engines keep my listing?

Search engines are continuously updated and new sites are being added at staggering numbers each day. Each page within your site should be submitted individually at least once a month. Once your site is optimized by Detroit Metro Area Networks Online we offer a monthly site submission service for $49.99 per month. (If Detroit Metro Area Networks Online developed and host your site then you pay only $39.99 a month) Our site submission service includes each page or your site submitted to over 250+ search engines and directories. The top search engines (listed at right) are hand submitted while we use a efficient automation service for the directories.

Why should I consider having Detroit Metro Area Networks Online build my site?

We don't have to build your site but for the above reasons please consider that when you use Detroit Metro Area Networks Online to develop your web presence we build your site with the search engines in mind. From the first line of code on the first page to the completion and navigation of your web presence we use "Best Practices" to optimize your site pages for fast and reliable reading by the search engine crawlers. To see more about our site development click here.

Our site optimization is extremely worth it and extremely affordable so don't waste any more time in getting in touch.





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